Reasons to use Body Scrubs

Doing a good body scrub is essential to maintain the health of your skin. 

Exfoliation eliminates dead cells and removes impurities causing a feeling of deep cleansing and a much softer skin.

In addition, exfoliating the skin increases the absorption of moisturizers and creams, greatly improving the hydration of your skin. Do you want to understand more about the benefits of a good body scrub?

 Stimulates Blood Circulation

 By performing circular movements in exfoliation you stimulate local blood circulation. With this stimulation, you significantly reduce fluid retention in your body.

 In addition to increasing the supply of nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells leaving it looking much healthier.

The improvement in circulation also helps to prevent diseases that damage the skin such as varicose veins and cellulite.

 Fight Cellulite

 Speaking of cellulite, if you had any doubts about whether to invest in exfoliation, now you don't have any more. A good body scrub will ensure greater local microcirculation in the body. Cellulite is increasingly reduced with an exfoliation that drains accumulated toxins and liquids and leaves your skin beautiful.

 Rejuvenates the skin

Every time you exfoliate your skin it looks younger. As exfoliation stimulates cell renewal, your skin is increasingly free of marks and blemishes and new healthy cells are being produced. If collagen is the sweetheart of longevity, the body scrub is your greatest ally. When you use a body scrub, it stimulates collagen synthesis and makes your skin much firmer and more intact, preventing premature aging.

 Leaves Skin Softer and Smoother

 When you get out of the shower after an exfoliation you will be able to feel your skin softer and velvety.  The body scrub removes loose skin particles and dead cells, renewing the skin's texture and promoting an intense feeling of smoothness. If your skin is feeling heavy or lackluster, an exfoliation will give you a big boost with truly new, healthier, glowing skin.

Helps Eliminate Toxins

 For your skin to be able to breathe you must exfoliate regularly. Using quality body scrubs you can deeply cleanse your pores and allow your skin to get the best of the day. With this intense cleansing, your skin is free of toxins and allows you to have skin that shows its best version.

 Prevent Ingrown Hairs

 Anyone who suffers from ingrown hairs knows how uncomfortable it is aesthetically disharmonious. Exfoliation prevents the formation of ingrown hairs by eliminating dead cells that prevent normal hair growth.

By using body scrubs consistently, you ensure that your hair grows regularly and doesn't become inflamed. Have a much safer and smoother hair removal process with greater guarantees of skin without painful ingrown hairs

  Fight Excess Oil

The habit of exfoliating the skin helps a lot in reducing the oiliness of your skin.  Exfoliation removes accumulated dirt and oil, preventing you from suffering from pimples and blackheads. Using a good exfoliator you always have clean, dry, and renewed skin.

 Makes the Skin Smooth and Even

 Investing in body exfoliation is ensuring uniform skin. The exfoliator's microparticles remove dead cells without harming the skin leaving a uniform and smooth texture on your skin. Areas such as knees and elbows that suffer from dryness are refreshed and hydrated with a continuous exfoliation process.

Say goodbye to rough and dry skin and enjoy the smoothness of new skin

 Has a Reducing and Shaping Effect

 The body scrub will remove the particles that cause clogged pores and helps the skin to absorb much more creams and moisturizers that combined with the massage provided by exfoliation will have a reduction in measurements. Your thinner and more porous skin will be much more apt for the shaping effects of other creams and substances.

Relax the Body

In addition to everything, bath time is the time to relax. Exfoliating your body is getting in touch with yourself, taking care of your skin, and taking a moment to stop. Our our Lumaskin scrubs with unique ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest.


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